Ripping Silk Distortion by Dionysus

Ripping Silk is a VST/AudioUnit plug-in that applies digital distortion and virtual analog overdrive to incoming audio. Ripping Silk is highly configurable and is capable of subtle spice or extreme waveform destruction.

Ripping Silk has many uses in the mix. Put it on lead synthesizers, basses, guitars, percussive elements, sub-mixes, kicks, the drums bus, or even the master bus. Basically, Ripping Silk can be used anywhere you can imagine.

Do you want crisp harsh digital shapes?
Do you want warm fuzzy analog bliss?
Do you want low resolution retro video game sounds?
Do you want high resolution harmonic overdrive with sparkling detail?

Ripping Silk can satisfy your desires in all of these departments and more.

Customize you own unique distortion to either add warmth and drive without overpowering the original audio, or to completely transform the tone to render the original source material unrecognizable.

Ripping Silk takes the concept of distortion into new territory by making it harmonious. A Tonal Tuning section allows Distortion and overdrive to be tuned to musically meaningful notes based on the key and scale of the song. Using the Tonal Tuning section, Ripping Silk become “musical distortion” and “harmonious overdrive”… not noise for the sake of noise.


Ripping Silk Features

  • Capable of Distortion, Overdrive, Saturation, Thrash, Crunch, and Corruption
  • High resolution internal sound engine
  • 21 Overdrive Circuit Types for a wide variety of “overdrive textures”
  • Experimental Circuit Types and Circuit Types based on electronics
  • Tonal Tuning section to tune Distortion and Overdrive to specific musical notes
  • Over 60 Factory Presets included
  • Cross Platform Preset Files
  • Anti-alias toggle for access to both smooth and corrupt waveforms
  • Wet Mix control for easy implementation of Parallel Distortion without auxiliary bus routings

System Requirements

We recommend using a 64-bit version of Ripping Silk (32-bit version also provided)
Compatible host software: Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio, Reaper, and Bitwig
Modern powerful CPU
Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS X 10.7 or higher